The customer’s satisfaction has always been the main purpose of the company which aims to establish a long-term working partnership with the customer based on mutual trust. Product quality is a direct consequence of this objective, based on the knowledge that the customer must receive the promised result within the specified time if the company is to gain and keep his trust.

To ensure the best quality and 100% accuracy, we have measuring equipment which performs dimensional checks including dimension tolerances, 2D point-point and contour scanning, 3D sections and comparison of the final product with the theoretical shape.

The systematic use of certified raw materials, the accuracy and the skill during the execution of the operations, in combination with the availability to cooperate with our customers, are the strengths of WALMAZ STAMPI. High quality products, process control and training of the employees have always been our aims. WALMAZ STAMPI is certified UNI EN ISO 9001 [check it here] and can guarantee the traceability of the products, as well as provide the complete dimensional reports of the parts produced. This is ensured by contact, laser technology and optical (GOM) CNC measuring machines.