2 hydraulic presses, up to 800 tons, triple movement, with 400 tons in the lower cushion and 200 tons in the upper cushion - press bed dimensions up to mm 4000 x 1800 - moving bolster

4 mechanical presses, up to 500 tons - moving bolsters - variable stroke from 150 to 400 mm - variable speed from 10 to 55 strokes/min - press bed dimensions up to mm 3000 x 1500

2 feeding lines for coils with max. width 1050 mm - coil internal diameter: min. 450 max 550 - coil max. external diameter mm 1400 - max. coil weight kg 4000


If the available presses are not powerful or large enough, the testing can be performed with presses at a local supplier’s premises.

Resulting parts are delivered to the customer for his approval, together with a complete dimensional report.

The final testing can be carried out in presence of the customer, producing pre-production parts.